Jozi’s Gourmet Club: Salvation Café

The cake options at Salvation Café

The cake options at Salvation Café

Here’s the deal: I don’t pretend to write extensive reviews about where to eat or go out in Jo’burg. I already know a few fellow bloggers out there who do that much better than I will ever do. But there are a few places that I particularly enjoy in the city, and I feel like sharing the love from time to time. Salvation Café is one of them.

Our story with Salvation Café dates back to when we were still living in Barcelona. We met there a couple of friends who had actually lived in Jo’burg, in a loft right above 44 Stanley and who told us that this was the best place in town for a Sunday brunch. Naturally, we went there when we arrived. And we loved it so much that we came back many times since then. Because the truth is, our friends were right: this is really the best place to brunch in the city.

But why is that? First of all: the food! Simply excellent. Ingredients are always fresh and tasty, with plenty of organic food or free-range options. Dishes are simple (“non-snob food”, as they like to call it there) but exquisite. I’m particularly fond of their breakfast duo, a combination of French toasts as soft as a pieces of heaven and eggs benedict or florentine. And to complement this, you’ll have wide range of coffee or home-made juice options to choose from.

The breakfast duo, my favorite

The breakfast duo, my favorite

Then, the place itself. Salvation Café has a nice relaxed vibe, with a touch of vintage, that makes you feel comfy the moment you step in. It is the paradise of hipsters of course, but has nevertheless managed to maintain a rather diverse clientele. So don’t worry if you don’t grow an insane beard, wear some wooden sunglasses or your grandma’s clothes, you’ll still fit in.

And last but not least: it is located in 44 Stanley, one of the nicest and trendiest places in the city where, on top of the fine restaurants such as Salvation Café, you’ll find art galleries, bookstores, coffee places, design and vintage shops, etc., all of them clustered in an old industrial setting. This is also one of the few places where you can eat outside without being bothered by the cars passing by or without feeling stuck in a shopping mall. Quite a nice feeling when you’re used to the European cafés!


The cool vintage vibe of Savation Café

The cool vintage vibe of Savation Café

So yes, Salvation Café is definitely a must-go option if you want to organize a brunch in the city. And if its fame traveled up to Spain, it really proves the place deserves a try, don’t you think?


Salvation Cafe (44, Stanley Avenue, Milpark) is opened from Tuesday to Sunday, 8h00-16h00. Check out their website for more info.

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